Chloe’s First Birthday Party

Birthday parties are the best! I had the honor of attending and photographing my friends’ child’s birthday party a few weeks ago, and it was a blast. Chloe has been featured here on the blog before, way back when she was baptized. She’s gotten even cuter (if that’s possible) since then! See for yourself:

I arrived early on the birthday party day to see the beautiful set up Chloe’s parents had put together. Chloe was roaming the scene, obviously excited but not fully understanding what was going on. All she really wanted to do was play with that box of crackers. I love that kids do that, play with the least toy-like thing in the room while ignoring all the actual toys. Cardboard boxes and cracker boxes = fun!

The spread was impressive: delicious tea sandwiches (some cut into hearts!), lovely little pastries, an assortment of veggies and drinks. The snacks were undeniably awesome. The room was cheerfully decorated with balloons and party favor bags, too. Everything looked great!

However amazing the space was, Chloe was obviously the main event. I followed her around and enjoyed her escapades as she visited her family members, cried over an iPhone, unwrapped some of her presents, and tried her first bite of cake. Turning one is a major event!

Happy birthday, my little friend! Thanks for having me at your party!

See Chloe’s birthday slideshow here:



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2 responses to “Chloe’s First Birthday Party

  1. Helene Lam

    Thanks Julie for the wonderful photos – we LOVE them, and it captures everything perfectly.
    Love your blog — you are one super-talented photographer, glad to have you as our friend.

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