Anniversary, Cape Cod

Happy 2nd anniversary to me and my husband! We are so lucky, and not only because we got married on a holiday weekend, which means long weekend trips for every anniversary … so far, we’ve stayed close to home for our anniversary weekends, going to Maine last year, and down to the Cape this year. But you don’t need to go far from home to have a wonderful time, as both these trips proved to us.

Lighthouses seem to be an anniversary theme so far, too – we visited The Cape Cod Light in Truro one glorious day:

Lighthouses kind of make me sad because they remind me of Pete’s Dragon, but I also think they’re very cool. Plus, Tyler’s grandmother lived in a lighthouse as a child, which is undeniably cool and interesting, so we always go out of our way to visit them.

Also, where there are lighthouses, there are beaches, one of my favorite things of all time. Being a SoCal girl, how could they not be? We were blessed with absolutely amazing weather for our anniversary weekend (80+ degrees weather, unheard of in October!) so we had a beach weekend! Our hotel in Dennis Port was right on the ocean, so we took advantage of our setting to the fullest.

Though Cape Cod is mostly a summer beach destination, there’s plenty to do that’s not sandy. Tyler and I visited a winery, also in Truro, which we also did last year in Maine. We are not original, I suppose, but we do know what we like …

We happened to be on the Cape just in time for the cranberry harvest. A cranberry bog harvest festival was going on, so of course we went to check it out. The flooded cranberry bogs were so so so awesome! The colors were incredible, and I kind of matched …

It was a delightful long weekend away with a little bit of everything, including finding Williams Way! It’s our way!

Before we knew it, it was time to head over the bridge and back to Boston …

I love you, Tyler! Here’s to many more anniversaries (and lovely anniversary trip adventures!).




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8 responses to “Anniversary, Cape Cod

  1. Lynn

    YAY! Happy anniversary to you and Tyler! 🙂 Perhaps one year y’all will go to Miami for your anniversary….

  2. you two are the cutest couple ever!! so glad you had a good time!! you were missed 🙂

  3. What a beautiful spread of photos! I love seeing you in the posts…

  4. Michelle

    which cranberry bog did you go to? aren’t they fun?!

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