Wedding: Jess and Ben’s Davis Square Extravaganza

I must say, I had the BEST TIME at Jess and Ben’s wedding in late September. This couple is so in love, and that is a wonderful thing to witness. I was completely bowled over by their affection for each other. You’ll see in the portraits later in this post: that is love.

But first, on their wedding day, I met up with Jess and her friends at the awesome Judy Jetson Salon in Cambridge to start the day. Jess looked amazing! I am totally getting my hair cut here the next time the need arises:

The air was full of a lovely laid-back brand of excitement as we made our way back to Jess’s hotel to continue preparations.

From there, we traveled to Woburn to the SGI Buddhist Center for Jess and Ben’s ceremony. It was my first Buddhist ceremony, and I was truly touched by the chanting. It really resonated with me. Alongside wonderful, personal vows (in which the bride proclaimed the groom to be “awesome” which was met with a triumphant double fist pump) was a very spiritual ceremony that everyone enjoyed.

Post-ceremony, there was a two-hour break until the reception, and Ben and Jess had big plans for this time: candlepin bowling! We drove back to Davis Square to have fun at Sacco’s Bowl Haven where two lanes had been reserved for the wedding party. Bowling in a wedding dress? DONE!

We got a lot of attention with Jess in her lovely dress tearing it up on the alley, and we continued to get attention as we walked around Davis Square for portraits. Jess and Ben are both active cyclists, so we spent some time on the Minuteman Bike Path, as well as on the streets surrounding the square. There are a lot of lovely brick walls to utilize!

The wedding party got in on all the fun, too!

After our portrait interlude, Jess and Ben and friends returned for more bowling fun while I hopped over to the local VFW to snap pre-reception photographs of the space. Jess and Ben kept everything local for their party, with potted herb centerpieces lovingly grown by the mother of the bride, food from the delicious East Coast Grill, DJs pulled from their extensively talented pool of friends, beer from the Cambridge Brewing Company, and an ice cream sundae bar from JP Licks. Everything was Cambridge/Somerville all the way, and absolutely gorgeous!

This crowd loved to dance! Amidst ice cream and cake balls (yum!), there was even a dance battle between two amazing gentlemen and two belly dancer ladies. It was epic!

Jess and Ben, your day was amazing. I was so incredibly happy to be a part of it! Your energy together is incredible and infectious and I just cannot say enough wonderful things about the two of you and how you put your day together. All the best from me to you, now and forever!

Take a look at their slideshow here:



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2 responses to “Wedding: Jess and Ben’s Davis Square Extravaganza

  1. What a fabulous wedding! The rockin’ wedding party shots are my favorites 🙂

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