Boudoir Beauty: Lady E

I’ve worked with the beautiful Lady E many times before, and she is the best model in Boston! I was so happy she was up for a boudoir session during our Boudoir Marathon last month because I knew she’d be a perfect subject.

And isn’t she?

Lady E  had some wonderful outfit changes which ran the gamut from vintage romantic to neon fun and I loved every one!

The fabulous hair and makeup are by the amazingly talented Rachel Glynn Flaherty and Noel McKinnon, a dream team if there ever was one. Contact me for their info if you have an event coming up that calls for some professional grooming! Because who wouldn’t want to look like this?

Thank you, gorgeous Lady E, for participating in our Boudoir Marathon. I know we added some great stuff to your portfolio!

If you or someone you know is interested in a little photoshoot of this nature, contact me! We’re up for bachelorette parties, individual sessions, and more Boudoir Marathons in the future!


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