Wedding, Hurricane Edition: Cynthia and Patrick

A few weeks ago, Hurricane Irene came up to visit us here in the Northeast, and she didn’t take into account the fact that there were lovely weddings planned for that weekend! How dare she. And so, I have this story to tell you, and it is one to remember!

Cynthia and Patrick flew all the way from my hometown of Los Angeles for their wedding, only to be completely foiled by the weather. The morning of the wedding, I got a tearful call from the bride: the caterer had canceled (something about how they can’t work when Massachusetts declares a state of emergency), and then the venue pulled out as well because they only work with the one caterer. That I do not understand at all (couldn’t they have bent the rules just this once? It could have been bring-your-own food, even, and it would have still worked!). It was barely raining out and just a bit windy, hardly a hurricane. Boston got very lucky and was barely touched!

Yet, we were without a venue or a caterer, and the DJ and planner were connected to the venue, so as far as vendors went, it was me, and the cake. That was all we had to go on.

Cynthia handled everything with such grace, I was truly impressed. She made the decision to go ahead with the wedding, even though it was not going to be at all like she and Patrick had planned, and had the sunniest attitude on the gloomiest day of the summer. In only a few short hours, family and friends pitched in to relocate the event to a cousin’s bar in Quincy. It was so touching to see everyone band together to pull it off for this amazing couple.

Cynthia prepared at a nearby motel and managed to laugh at the turn of events.

Cynthia gifted her bridesmaids the most adorable matching kimonos, so we had to get a shot of them all together:

While the ladies got ready, friends and family were simultaneously prepping The Commonwealth Restaurant and Lounge for the ceremony and reception. Now, it may not be what the bride and groom planned or wanted, but getting married in a night club is pretty amazing, and SUCH a good story:

The hurricane pretty much passed Boston by, though there were a fair amount of trees down, including one in front of The Commonwealth:

And in the end, it truly doesn’t matter where you get married, because hey! You’re getting MARRIED! Cynthia and Patrick’s ceremony was absolutely lovely. I’ve never before heard a bride say that she hopes to rock her husband like a hurricane in her vows, and I will probably never hear it again!

After all the drama of putting the wedding together in four hours, we made sure we had plenty of time for Cynthia and Patrick to relax and get some portraits made to remember this day. Luckily, The Commonwealth is full of interesting areas to shoot in!

As unconventional as the circumstances were, the program for the evening progressed as usual, going from portraits to dances to speeches and cake and all. It was so great to see Cynthia and Patrick have a fabulous time, after all the day threw at them.

And when it was time to boogie, boogie we did!

All in all, this wedding was a good lesson in planning, and how sometimes it just doesn’t go as planned, and going with the flow, and all that good stuff. I had such a wonderful time with Cynthia and Patrick and their friends and family – everyone was so amazingly sweet and happy and glad to be there. And boy does everyone have a good story to tell!

See more of Cynthia and Patrick’s hurricane wedding here:

The song is Florence and the Machine’s “Hurricane Drunk” because even though the lyrics aren’t totally appropriate, I couldn’t help myself …



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4 responses to “Wedding, Hurricane Edition: Cynthia and Patrick

  1. JS

    I was at that wedding and I can say that Julie Sterling was an important part of the wedding taking place given the circumstances. She is not only an extraordinary photographer that will take you breath away with her pictures, but also a professional that will be there when you need her.

  2. Cynthia

    I couldn’t be more thrilled to write about our amazing experience working with Julie. My situation was not an easy one from the beginning and Julie was amazing from the start. It was hard for me to hire a photographer in the Boston area for our wedding, since my then fiancé and I live in Los Angeles. She was eager to make the situation work and so we chatted through skype and immediately I could tell she was the right choice. She was highly skilled and experienced and most importantly, she was organized and attentive. She wanted to know all about what I was planning for the big day, what everything was going to look like, what kind of portraits did I want to have taken that day, what was most important to me that day, etc. Even though all these qualities are admirable in someone you’re trusting to photograph the most important day in your life, Julie’s true professionalism and caring personality really showed the day of our wedding. As Julie mentioned, when our venue and caterer canceled that day and I called her to let her know things had changed, she asked for no explanations nor demanded any information, all she asked was, how could she help? She was already en route to our original wedding venue but immediately turned around and met us at our new venue. She was a delight to have around, and even though so much chaos surrounded our wedding day, Julie was cheerful and helpful in every single way possible. We ended up getting married at a bar in Quincy, a place that you’re assure some type of brawl happens every weekend…and yet, Julie managed to take the most amazing and unique wedding photographs I have ever seen. She captured the havoc of organizing a brand new wedding in four hours, the sheer joy that my husband and I had to be getting married that day, the smiles and tears of all our guests that couldn’t believe our special day had managed to still happen. Julie, as a person, has a truly beautiful heart, and as a photographer, lets that beauty shine through her photographs and creates absolutely stunning images.

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