Wedding: Ben & Lauren at Lareau Farm Inn, Waitsfield, Vermont

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending, and photographing, my friends’ wedding in Vermont. Ben and I went to college together, and though Lauren didn’t actually go to Middlebury, I feel like she did! These two are perfect for each other and it was such a joy to be a part of their wedding weekend in a state that means so much to all of us. Lareau Farm Inn, original home to the delicious American Flatbread, is just about the most picturesque place ever for a wedding, especially one for two foodies and nature-lovers like Ben and Lauren.

Since we stayed at the Inn the night before (and the night after), I got to take my time documenting this wonderful day and all its details.

The color scheme for this country wedding was gingham and gray, and I loved it! Ben and Lauren brought the gingham touch to every little detail, from the gentlemen’s ties to the bouquet’s ribbons, even to the back of Lauren’s “something blue” shoes!

When it was time to get ready, Ben and Lauren were cool as cucumbers, really relaxed and simply excited to get married. I ran around the Inn capturing both of their preparations.

Before we knew it, it was ceremony time! The Lareau Farm Inn has a gorgeous secluded grove for these occasions, and it was so perfect.

I love seeing anyone get married, but it’s especially touching when I have a very personal connection with the couple. I was definitely kneeling in the aisle, wiping away tears, for this one! After the lovely outdoor ceremony, we had time for portraits! We stayed in the very same grove for some of them because when you have such a gorgeous setting, why not?

There may have been a jump-off between the groom’s party and the bride’s … who do you think won this one? There are some pretty impressive moves on both sides …

While the guests enjoyed a delightful cocktail hour with pizza from American Flatbread, amongst other delicacies, Ben and Lauren and I took the time to make some “just married and so in love” portraits of the two of them. We traipsed all around the farm in the fading light and got some really nice shots.

The reception was held in the Lareau Farm Inn’s pavilion, and it is quite a lovely spot. Ben and Lauren styled the entire wedding themselves, and the pavilion was no exception. It was absolutely gorgeous! They also handmade their wedding favors: bags and bags of “Nutty for You” granola from the L & B Granola Factory! I’ve eaten ours, and it was delish! I see a future business venture for them … Lauren also hand-painted their bride and groom cake topper to look like her and Ben. Adorbs!

The wonderful pizza oven and an artistic shot of a guitar case seen appropriate to post here, right?

The party kicked off with some awesome speeches, then turned into dancing madness! There was the requisite Middlebury College attendee shot, too, of course. I handed my camera off to a trusted friend of the family and jumped in, too!

Ben and Lauren, it was a night to remember. Thank you so much for having me as your guest/photographer/friend. I had a wonderful time and I look forward to more Vermont adventures with the two of you in years to come!

To see Ben and Lauren’s wedding slideshow, follow this link: Enjoy!



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7 responses to “Wedding: Ben & Lauren at Lareau Farm Inn, Waitsfield, Vermont

  1. Lauren

    Of course I love everything about this and YOU!

  2. Sarah

    I think you really caught both the beautiful, elegant side and the fun, relaxed side of Ben and Lauren’s wedding incredibly well – though I couldn’t be there to see for myself (wish I could have!). These are great shots, from the planned, to the candids to the object photos – all of them! Lauren looks beautiful and Julie, I’m so impressed! In case Ben reads this – you look good too, buddy.

  3. Lauren W.

    Julie, you also so perfectly captured our wedding story in words! Thank you again!

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