Custom Wedding DVDs and Cases

Happy 09-10-11, friends! I do love numbers, especially in order or palindromes. So today is an excellent day, a day in the heart of wedding season, to share with you all what exactly one gets when one’s wedding package includes a DVD of all one’s wedding photographs here at Julie Sterling Photography. (And all wedding packages include this because who doesn’t want their wedding photos digitally?)

Allow me to present to you three custom DVD cases and the custom DVDs they house within them from three of my recent weddings:

These DVD cases and discs are custom-designed by yours truly, me. I try my very best to take design cues from each couple’s wedding and their personalities. It has been such a blast to work on these! Designing is one of my favorite parts of this business.

These puppies are gorgeous, I tell you. Not only does every aspect of the product look great, but your DVDs of images get to live protected, as well as in style! So when you book a wedding with me and Julie Sterling Photography, you’re guaranteed to receive a lovely little package just like these!



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4 responses to “Custom Wedding DVDs and Cases

  1. Isa

    Oh Yeah….I’m getting excited about our wedding more and more. You are so talented!

  2. Jan

    These look amazing!

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