Boudoir Beauty: Claire

It is my pleasure to present to you another lovely lady from our recent boudoir marathon: the ravishing Claire!

Claire and I spent a lot of time in photography school together and she is a great photographer, but she is equally as good on the other side of the lens as a model. She is such a natural! I barely had to direct her at all or give her any ideas as to posing and expression; Claire simply did it, and beautifully.

Claire had the most fun outfits, too. Her ruffled undies are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! And the pink! I love pink.

I love how Claire looks all glow-y, like an angel, in these photos. This is a result of excellent window light plus the efforts of the talented Noel McKinnon (makeup) and Rachel Glynn Flaherty (makeup), plus Claire’s natural beauty, of course! The Noel-Rachel makeup-hair combo is dynamite – they made all our ladies look absolutely gorgeous, Claire included!

We utilized the fabulous blue chair, just like we did for K.K.’s shoot, but Claire made it all her own:

Claire’s last outfit change was for her boyfriend, alumnus of Bentley University:

I think any gentleman would love to see his lady in such a get-up for his benefit!

Claire, you are a charming, sexy, lovely girl and I had the best time photographing you!


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