Boudoir Beauty: K.K.

Adjust your monitors, people of the internet, and get ready for a whole lot of beauty! My friend Tara and I recently had a boudoir marathon at a local hotel in Cambridge, and it was amazing! Boudoir is anything a woman wants it to be, and each of our girls presented her own vision of the genre. With the help of our truly talented makeup artist, Noel McKinnon, and our equally amazing hair stylist, Rachel Glynn Flaherty, our clients got to express their most gorgeous selves, and the results, you will certainly agree, are stunning!

Our first beauty is K.K.; she and I took a photography class together years ago, and as soon as we were planning this boudoir marathon day, I knew I had to contact her. With those big eyes and fabulous freckles, I knew she’d make an amazing model!

K.K. is a sweet soul with the best smile and laugh; we got a lot of seriously sexy shots, too, but I just love the ones where she’s cracking up!

For a boudoir marathon, each girl gets an hour for her photoshoot, which is more than enough time for a few outfit changes. K.K. changed from her ravishing purple lingerie set into a very sexy little black dress, very classic. I loved both looks!

Photographing K.K. was the best way possible to start a marathon day and night of shooting; with such a wonderful first girl, I was more than pumped for the rest of the experience. You look gorgeous, darling!



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4 responses to “Boudoir Beauty: K.K.

  1. such a great job!!! so pretty 🙂

  2. mewithmycamera

    nice photos

  3. Gorgeous. Lovin’ those mirror shots, and her yellow-green eyes against the blue chair!

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