Wedding: Katie and Jay at the Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod

Fourth of July weekend was warm and threatened rain, but that didn’t stop Katie and Jay from having an absolutely amazing wedding day at the Chatham Bars Inn on the Cape! I was shooting for my friend and colleague, Erica Ferrone, who is always a blast to work with, and this time was no different. We started the day with the bride and her entourage in a wonderful beach house surrounded by lush foliage:

I didn’t get a chance to take any photographs of the bride (don’t worry – Erica was there and I got my chance later!) before I was in the car on my way to see the groom and his guys at the Inn. Jay and the boys were enjoying themselves in a large suite, along with their handmade replica of the Stanley Cup!

Soon Katie was arriving at the Inn, and we were setting up for the couple’s first look. I took Jay to a cute bench in a blooming garden in front of the hotel while Erica brought Katie around the side. First looks are the best!

We got to do a few portraits before the ceremony began. Aren’t they a photogenic couple?

The reception was short and sweet with amazing original vows that brought tears to all of our eyes AND made us laugh out loud. I had a lot of fun surveying the colorful guests, watching the bride’s mother and groom’s mother mingle sand in a glass to symbolize the union of the families, and see Katie and Jay get married!

We stole the happy couple away for a few more portraits on the beach, but returned them to their cocktail hour with plenty of time for fun and mingling with guests.

The reception took place at a restaurant on the property; it was a lovely spot with a tented porch area for the dance floor. I loved all of the nautical touches!

Katie and Jay made a triumphant entrance and segued directly onto the dance floor together, and then into parent dances. I am obsessed with the fluidity of Katie’s dress! I could not stop taking photos of her!

The whole day was spectacular; the rain even held off until after dinner for us! All the party guests really went nuts on the dance floor – so much fun!

Katie and Jay are such a fun couple, genuinely nice people, and we loved spending the day with them. All the best from us to you, my dears!



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4 responses to “Wedding: Katie and Jay at the Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod

  1. Phenomenal! Great job 🙂 Terry’s son works at the CBI, it looks like a lot of fun for a wedding!

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