The Boston Handmade Marketplace Photo Booth Extravangza!

Last weekend I spent Saturday running a photo booth at the Boston Handmade Marketplace with my friends and colleagues, Lucie Wicker and Franco Cardaropoli. It was a blast! Boston Handmade is an awesome organization of local craftspeople; the Marketplace was full of hand-dyed yarn, decorated toilet seats, and everything in between. Lucie sold some of her awesome photographic prints at our booth, too. Here we are, all set up and ready for customers:

I had a lot of lovely promo cards made up for my business. It was so much fun to design them! I love the creatively shaped cards that are out there, so I took full advantage of them and went nuts! I have one card focused on maternity and babies, one on weddings, and one on boudoir. It’s a one-stop-shop here at Julie Sterling Photography! In addition to our table of promotional materials, we had our props table full of all the things one might want to make a fun photo booth photo: boas, hats, sunglasses, masks, headbands, a chalkboard, a tiara, boxing gloves, and more!

Tyler was our willing test subject:

After we had the lights set up correctly, it was time for customers! The deal was simple: a free photo booth experience with the opportunity to purchase prints online later. Let the games begin!

Sunglasses were a popular accessory, as were hats, boas, the boxing gloves, and the tiara. Fun!

The chalk board was a hoot!

Some of our younger customers either didn’t fit into our backdrop (we’ll bring a longer one next time!) or just plain didn’t enjoy the experience. Either way, we still got great photos!

My good friend Gillian showed up to the booth in support, so of course we jumped in front of the lens for a quick shoot, courtesy of Lucie Wicker:

We had such a wonderful cast of characters come through – it was truly a community event!

Thank you so much, Lucie and Franco, for making the day so amazing! Here they are, my partners in crime, caught in the photo booth themselves!

If anyone wants a photo booth at their event, let us know! We’re dying to do another one!


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