Old South Meeting House in Boston – Museum and Architectural Details

I recently shared the amazing clock tower of Boston’s Old South Meeting House, but I did much more for this organization than cavorting up and down that fabulous spiral staircase! Old South Meeting House had me also shoot lots of details of their museum and meeting space, as well as capture images of people interacting within it. I’ll get to the people in a later post, but I want to show you the beauty that is Old South!

The meeting house was originally a (very simple) church, so it is lovely and clean and full of light. The space is a photographer’s dream!

The museum exhibits run along the back of the room and cover lots of ground, from the Boston Tea Party (Old South Meeting House is where it all started!) through topics of race and class and segregation of more recent eras. I love the glow of the display cases:

There are endless intriguing artifacts everywhere you look!

Boston is a very cool city to live in; history surrounds us on all sides, if we only look as we walk down the street, and maybe pop into some of the impressive buildings we pass.

I’m a sucker for details of any kind, but I especially loved this brass bird that sits atop the clock, and the chandelier. So gorgeous!

I encourage everyone visiting Boston to add Old South Meeting House to your itinerary! It’s easy to get to and offers a lot to its patrons. I can’t wait to get back to visit again sometime soon (and maybe I’ll do a wedding or two here – I can only hope! It’s an awesome wedding venue!).



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