June Blooms

After a rainy Boston May (which gave us a lovely, droplet-y garden), we’ve had, well, a rainy Boston June! Though it’s sunny this week, we had decidedly gloomy weather for most of the month. The one upside of copious rainfall is always our glorious garden!

It was a windy day, and I love the effect of the slightly motion-blurred petal edges. I think it makes these pinky flowers look like a watercolor.

I was quite obsessed with this one plant – too gorgeous!

Again, I take absolutely no credit for these beautiful plants and flowers; they all flourish under the loving care of our upstairs neighbor. But I do enjoy them!

We have an unbelievable rose bush in our front yard; the roses are creamy pink and orange. The other day I witnessed someone snap one off and put it on her hat! I didn’t say anything, but I thought it was pretty ballsy, stealing a flower in broad daylight… not that I blame her – they are so lovely.

The summer brings out all these saturated colors in the natural world, at least until late summer when they go all sun-drenched and bleached. I’m reveling in the deep hues while they last.

There is one lone white blossom hanging on in the front yard … so brave!

Do any of you have summer gardens?

Long live summer!

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  1. Ingilletence and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.

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