Maternity Photoshoot: Gwennan at 35 Weeks, Plus, A Baby Party!

In February, Tyler and I visited his brother Conor and our sister-in-law Gwennan in DC. During that visit, Gwenn and I had a fabulously fun maternity shoot; at the time, she was about halfway through her pregnancy. A few weeks ago, Ty and I got to visit Gwenn and Conor again, this time for their pre-baby party (and of course, another maternity shoot!).

Here’s the pregnant beauty, just weeks away from becoming a mom!

She looks amazing! Gwenn is all belly, and it’s a beautiful one, too.

Tyler and I arrived before the party to help set up, though I mostly spent my time photographing the details of the marvelous spread. Gwenn and Conor are excellent hosts!

Conor and Tyler’s mother made the party favors: a variety of delights in hand-sewn bags. Gwenn’s parents were on hand to help with all the cooking. It was all gorgeous!

This wasn’t a traditional baby shower – that’s not Gwenn’s style. Instead, it was a pre-baby celebration with food and drinks and socializing (with the mom-to-be imbibing seltzer!). Gwenn paid tribute to her Welsh roots with the UK favorite, Pimm’s Number One Cup. Yum!

The only game at this shower was the old standard where you guess the baby’s due date, sex, birth weight, and in this case, name. Gwenn and Conor will be choosing Welsh names for their baby, so guests were invited to look through a Welsh name book and try to pick a good one for Baby Williams.

However nontraditional the shower, you can’t stop people giving you presents! Gwenn was appropriately showered with gifts, and my own small contribution was a dinosaur hat I knitted for my new niece or nephew. I think it’ll fit the baby by winter in DC … it certainly doesn’t fit Tyler’s giant noggin!

One of the cutest party attendees was this little fellow, who truly loves his chocolate cake. I couldn’t help but document it!

After the party ended, Gwenn and Conor and I met up at their apartment the next day to do more photos of this special time in their lives.

These two are going to be great parents. They are so excited for their imminent arrival! And so am I!

Maternity shoots are so much fun; every mom-to-be deserves to spend a little time being glamorous before her baby arrives.

Spending time with Gwenn and Conor was wonderful, but this trip was made even better when I got to see one of my best friends, Courtney, as well! Court is new to DC and was able to attend the baby party, too. So many of my favorite people in one place – what a weekend!

Thanks to Tyler for the photo of me and Court!

Tyler was there, too, of course – it was a family affair.

Congrats, Gwenn and Conor! Thanks for throwing such an excellent shindig and bringing us all together to celebrate with you. We cannot wait for news of Baby Williams!



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10 responses to “Maternity Photoshoot: Gwennan at 35 Weeks, Plus, A Baby Party!

  1. Doug Williams

    We’re very grateful for these pictures, Julie.
    Doug & Karen

  2. Haha, these! I meant these!

  3. jules i love your dress! Where’d you get it?

  4. Kate H.

    Gwennan is glowing! What a beautiful mama-to-be…and I LOVE the dinosaur hat.

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