Elegantly Green Wedding Showcase 2011

In May I had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing Elizabeth Wertz and the fabulous Tara Lynn Sen at the 2011 Elegantly Green Wedding Showcase. This wedding expo focuses on eco-friendly vendors of all types and let me tell you, it was a stunning display!

Our task was to photograph the wedding dress fashion show. Liz took charge of the actual runway and all the gorgeous details while Tara and I manned the photobooth we set up. As the models walked off the runway, Tara directed them right into our photobooth for a closeup or two!

The dresses were unreal. So beautiful! Designer Harper Della-Piana of Seams Couture is the creator of many of the looks, but many other designers were also featured.

I have to say, shooting the photobooth with Tara as my model-director was an absolute dream. Tara comes from a theater background and she just knows how to move and pose people. I could NOT have done it without her!

Every detail on these dresses was painstakingly attended to, every accessory handpicked. I was in love with the hairpieces and hats, especially. Such style!

Also strutting the runway were a few adorable children, also impeccably dressed in formal wear, of course. They were too darling for words, so I’ll just show you the photos instead!

All in all, it was a fabulous, fast-paced, fun day at the Elegantly Green Wedding Showcase. I would highly recommend it as a stop on any bride-to-be’s wedding planning itinerary.

If you want to see even more photos of our spectacular day, all of Liz’s unbelievable runway and detail pictures are up in her Facebook album of the event. Also visit the gallery she put created of the entirety of our photobooth pics, too.

Here’s one last photo of Harper with her models. Everybody strike a pose!



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2 responses to “Elegantly Green Wedding Showcase 2011

  1. As I said before, Julie, you ROCKED IT OUT! I love the shots you chose to feature, and how you paired a portrait with a full body….thanks again for your hard work, my dear! I can’t wait to shoot with you again….

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