Boozer the Yorkie – Pet Photography

I am an animal lover, as evidenced by my two enormous cats, Milton and Agnes, my penchant for zoos, and habit of petting everything on four legs that goes by. Growing up we always had a dog and two cats at a time, sometimes more. Animals and I get along well, so I was happy to hear that our good friends in New York had just gotten a Yorkie puppy before our recent visit.

Meet Boozer:

This little sweetie is currently only two pounds! His full-grown size will max out between four and five pounds, but don’t let his smallness fool you: this dude is energetic! He jumps as high as his teeny legs will allow and loves to explore his new apartment.

The Booze is also a snuggler, nestling into any lap that will have him. I do love a good snuggle myself, so we had a lot of quality couch time together.

Of course, I could not help but put Boozer through his first professional photo shoot during our visit. He was quite cooperative after we got some energy out and he managed to sit still for a few moments here and there!

I really enjoyed putting him on pillows and different couches and blankets (and in a decorative bowl on the coffee table) – it’s too hilarious to isolate him on a surface because he can’t quite figure out how to get off or down or where he wants to go. He’s just too tiny to manage it!

I didn’t torture him for too long, though, and rewarded him with his favorite puppy treats afterward, too.

Isn’t he too cute? Have fun with your new owners, Boozer – they love you to pieces!

See you again soon, darling pup!



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3 responses to “Boozer the Yorkie – Pet Photography

  1. Love this! HE is adorable!

  2. Isa

    Those are awesome pics of such an adorable little pup. It beat you had a blast.

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