A Rainy Boston May in the Garden

If you’ve been around Beantown this spring, you may have noticed that we haven’t seen the sun much. This spring has been rain, rain, and more rain! My California soul is getting very sad without sunlight, but I’m hopeful that we’ll see it again sometime soon … in the meantime, I’m keeping myself happy by enjoying the byproduct of loads of rain: flowers!

Our backyard is an explosion of greenery; we’re very lucky that a woman in our condo association loves gardening! We all reap the benefits of her hard work. The bleeding hearts are my absolute favorites.

I recently purchased my very own macro lens, mostly for engagement rings and the like for weddings, but also for nature! I took it into the yard to experiment and loved the results.

Everything looks a little different up close! The world really opens up in a different way through this lens.

With all this rain, everything in the garden’s looking very shiny and fresh, covered in gorgeous little droplets.

I suppose I should get used to this weather, since we had nine rainy days in a row, followed by one of partial sun, one of clouds, and now another week of rain in the forecast …

At least I can enjoy the greenery amidst the ongoing precipitation!

I hope spring is treating all of you well!



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3 responses to “A Rainy Boston May in the Garden

  1. These are beautiful, Julie! I love bleeding hearts, makes me think of childhood, and one of my mother’s gardens….

  2. Annie

    Love these!

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