Happy Belated Mother’s Day: Maternity Photoshoot!

Happy belated Mother’s Day, internet! I am tardy in this post as I was ill all weekend (cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle). But in the spirit of Mother’s Day, I already shared Baby Beane and her mother with you, and would now love to share a Mama-to-be, Sarah.

Sarah was just weeks away from giving birth at the time of our shoot, and the nursery had just been finished for baby Mari.

Doesn’t Sarah just glow? And the nursery was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen; such great colors and filled with light!

Sarah and her husband are such wonderful, kind people, it was a pleasure to spend the morning with them. They are so excited for their daughter’s arrival!

Baby girls are so much fun – think of the outfits! Sarah had a whole lineup of adorable shoes – we couldn’t help but use them in some of the photos:

About ten days after our photoshoot, I heard from Sarah that Mari was arriving much earlier than expected, so I am so glad we got the chance to capture Sarah’s pregnancy when we did!

This beautiful family has one more member now!



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