Baby Beane at 8 Months

How could anyone say no to spending the morning with this little face?

I certainly couldn’t, and I wouldn’t have wanted to! I had the most wonderful morning a few weeks ago with Baby Beane and her mother. Mom was going back to work after a glorious eight months at home with Beane and wanted photographic documentation of their daily routine. Enter: me plus my camera.

First of all, what a sweet request; it was such a privilege to spend time with these two. Beane is an amazing baby, so curious, so intelligent, so cute! And Mom has definitely become a role-model of what I want to be when I’m a mother: attentive, talkative, kind, patient, genuinely enjoying her child. It was truly inspirational!

We listened to music (real records!), we played on the mat, we played guitar, we had snacks, we read, we laughed, and we only cried once, very briefly.

It was such a fun, relaxed, special morning, I didn’t want to leave!

Thank you so much, Beane and Mom, for letting me share in your day!


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