Wedding: Lindsay & Sasanka at the Bedford Village Inn, Bedford, New Hampshire

I had my first wedding of the season the last weekend in March, working as a second photographer for the amazing Tara of Tara Lynn Sen Photography, and it was a blast! We journeyed up to New Hampshire for the wedding of Lindsay and Sasanka at the beautiful Bedford Village Inn.

The inn was a perfect setting, a classic New England wedding venue. I loved the small details, like fresh flowers on every surface!

Having a second shooter at your wedding can be a great advantage: you get more in every way! More shots, more angles, more innovation, more coverage … as Tara’s second, I could focus on different things and come up with creative ways to cover more for Lindsay and Sasanka. Many of my shots are very different from Tara’s, and that’s a good thing!

I loved the prep time … Tara and I hung out with the bride and her entourage, and then I went to visit with the groom and his. Both camps were a tiny bit nervous and a lot excited and fun to be with!

It’s during this precious prep time that we had the chance to steal the wedding rings and find interesting places and ways to photograph them. Tara did an amazing job with her shots, which you can see on her blog, and here is my fave of mine:

We scampered around the Inn, grabbing shots everywhere, like this one of the ceremony and reception room:

It is a gorgeous place to get married!

Like many couples these days, Lindsay and Sasanka planned to see each other before their ceremony to take care of their couples pictures and formal portraits. After a very sweet first-look, we had so much fun with their spirited friends and family taking photographs outside the Inn!

It was a cold one outside, but what better way to warm up than a kiss?

A dramatic bridal portrait is a must:

Before we knew it, it was ceremony time! Lindsay and her father looked radiant as they proceeded down the aisle:

Lindsay and Sasanka kept cracking each other up at the altar – it was the sweetest!

And after the ceremony comes the party! It was a fun one!

Congrats, Lindsay and Sasanka! It was a night to remember. And thank you, so much, Tara, for having me along for all the fun!


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