Maternity Photoshoot: Aleja and Family

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing one of my former coworkers, a wonderful woman I worked with every day before I decided to pursue photography full-time.

Meet Aleja!

Aleja was only six weeks away from her due date at the time of our session and she looked fabulous! I think she is the hippest mom I know, hands down.

I was very lucky because I not only got to catch up and spend time with Aleja, but I also got to hang out with her entire family! She has a very sweet husband and two beautiful girls, all of whom joined us in the studio.

The third sister in this terrific trio is on her way soon, and the girls know it! They are quite excited about Aleja’s pregnancy, though I’m not sure little Cece understands it completely … Aja definitely does!

Isn’t Nate lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful women?

Cece got a little pregnancy explanation from her parents mid-shoot (without going into details, of course):

To get the girls interested in participating in the photoshoot, I resorted to pink ribbon! We had them tie up their Mommy, which was a very fun game, indeed. Cece went from refusing to step on the white paper (she didn’t want to get it dirty! Isn’t that too sweet?) to carousing around in circles with Aja. We just had to make sure they didn’t end up choking Aleja … but that was easily avoided!

Watching Aleja with her family was a joy. She is such a good mother! I also have a sweet spot in my heart for families of three girls, seeing as I come from one. There’s nothing quite like it.

Keeping with the girly theme, I wrapped Aleja in a pink pashmina to show off the gorgeous belly some more. She is just stunning!

We ended the photoshoot with an idea from Aleja’s girls: all they wanted, apparently, was to draw on her belly! With non-toxic highlighters, Aleja let them do just that. I am in LOVE with this adorable picture of Cece; she is a firecracker, and you can see it!

Aja is interested in becoming a photographer herself, and by the end of the shoot she had warmed up enough to try it out (with a fake camera Aleja brought for her to play with). I think I may have some competition!

Thank you so much, Aleja, Nate, Aja, and Cece! I had such a wonderful evening with you and I cannot wait to meet the new baby when she comes. She is so lucky to be joining such an amazing family.



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2 responses to “Maternity Photoshoot: Aleja and Family

  1. Rachael

    Fantastic photos, Jule!

  2. Love these Julie! So sweet and sincere and I love your ideas!!

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