The MIT Chapel

Months ago when I photographed Tyler during my on-location portraiture photography module, we went to the MIT Chapel for our shoot. The Chapel is a truly one-of-a-kind place; though it is quite unremarkable from the outside, besides being round, once inside, it’s a whole different story.

You enter through a hallway of stained glass that makes you feel as if you might be under water:

The light is so amazing because the hall has windows on both sides.

At the end of the hall are the doors to the Chapel itself. Fling them open and behold a circular brick room with undulating walls, a spectacular skylight, and the most gorgeous dais I’ve ever seen! The cascading metal artwork behind the simple stone altar is simply beautiful.

The Chapel is nondenominational, but what would a chapel be without an organ? MIT has one, of course, and you can see it in this photograph of the room, looking back towards the entryway:

Now, will someone please get married here and hire me as their photographer? What an amazing place for a small, intimate wedding!


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