Model: Ellen Soderberg

One of the great things about photography school is getting to meet so many amazing people; from my instructors to my classmates, to the models and actors we work with, everyone has something to add to the experience.

You’ve all seen Ellen before, as a bride, and as a future-bride, during our wedding and engagement weeks, but there is even more of her to share!

The morning of our first engagement photo shoot, Ellen didn’t have a fiancé! Her male counterpart had not yet arrived, so I got the opportunity to photograph her alone. I could not have been happier!

Our location was the area around the Waltham commuter rail station, where I get on and off the train every day for school. It is a very cool, urban, grungy place, and we made sure to include the environment in our shots.

We even managed to get a passing commuter rail train in an image! Timing is everything.

It was a brisk spring day, but it was warm and lovely in the sun. We tried to keep Ellen out of the shade, but of course this amazing, empty building was completely in frigid shadows! We tried to make it quick for poor Ellen’s freezing hands, and I think the results were worth it.

Ellen is a model and actress and we have been so, so, so lucky to photograph her multiple times over the course of our school modules. She is just the nicest person to work with, up for anything, always with a smile (or a scowl, if the photo demands it!). She is a natural. Thank you so much, Ellen! You are gorgeous.


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