Mock Engagement Photoshoot: Ellen & Equiano at the Commander’s Mansion

Let the love fest continue! This last week at school was focused on portfolio development instead of shooting, and while I have projects of my own on the side, I’m going to continue to share the love from our engagement photoshoot week since I still have two couples to show you. You’ve already looked at our two real-life couples, Sadaf & Dan and Micah & Patrick, so now we’re on to the models.

But don’t they still look so in love?

These beautiful people are the amazing actor/models, Ellen and Equiano. They really dressed the part at the Commander’s Mansion, looking every inch the engaged couple. Our class has worked with both of them before, Equiano as a model for portraiture months ago, and Ellen just a few weeks ago during weddings.

They are just the nicest people, and it was a pleasure to work with them again!

Equiano had a quiet moment with some paintings,

and Ellen had a Marilyn moment on the heating vent …

I love the vintage, romantic feeling of this set of images. The Commander’s Mansion is just the perfect place for an engagement shoot, as you’ve seen over the course of my last few posts.

When I wasn’t ooh-ing and ahh-ing over Ellen and Equiano’s gorgeous smiles and impeccable clothing, I got kind of obsessed with the decor of the Commander’s Mansion, specifically, their chairs. I took a few shots I really liked:

Thank you to the very talented Ellen and Equiano; I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of you two around!


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