Engagement Photoshoot: Micah & Patrick at the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown

Earlier this week you saw Sadaf and Dan in all their cuteness at the Commander’s Mansion engagement photoshoot day. The second real life couple from that day is the fabulous Micah and Patrick!

I shot Micah and Patrick in the lovely peach bridal suite, with one foray over into the  groom’s suite. The Commander’s Mansion has so many rooms and nooks and crannies!

I loved the quality of the window light in the bridal suite; everything looked extra romantic awash in a golden glow against white and pink and peaches and cream!

Wouldn’t you want to get ready for your wedding in such a room? I would! Micah and Patrick lounged on the couch, as relaxed as they could be while multiple photographers clicked away at them! They were very composed, and very natural. It was obvious to all of us that they were in love, which is always a joy to see.

Micah had on the perfect little white dress to match our historic surroundings. She looked so beautiful and ethereal! Patrick fit right in with his handsome blazer. I do so love a couple that can dress up well together.

Micah and Patrick are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing, and I just loved spending time with them. It was a very quick shoot as I rotated between our real couples and models that day, but these two really stick out in my mind! They were absolutely charming, and I was completely charmed.

Thanks, you two, for being your adorable selves! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!



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2 responses to “Engagement Photoshoot: Micah & Patrick at the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown

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  2. Lynn Chi

    Love her dress!

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