And the winner (of the PixBoomBa ‘Isn’t it Romantic?’ Photo Contest) is …


Yes, April has gotten off to a frigid and soggy start here in Boston, where we had a good two inches of snow today, but all is forgiven, because March ended on a high note with a contest win for me!

PixBoomBa is an awesome photography site run by two National Geographic photo veterans, Cary Wolinsky and Bob Caputo. They are hilarious. Just go look at the site and you’ll see what I mean immediately. Plus, their photo tips are incredibly helpful! I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Cary in person, and I’ll have two weeks of classes with Bob in April; I am so psyched to have access to such talented and fun individuals through my school!

Anyway, back to the contest. PixBoomBa posts contests every once in a while and after missing their holiday-themed one, I jumped at the Valentine’s Day call for entries. With a theme like “Isn’t it Romantic?” I knew exactly which photo I would enter: my absolute favorite of my absolute favorite couple of lovebirds, Lynn and Mike.

And what do you know, Cary and Bob liked it, too!

This was taken during Lynn and Mike’s engagement photo shoot. It is such a genuine moment of laughter, I just love it. A photo shoot can feel pretty awkward and sometimes you just feel so silly about the whole thing, you crack up. That’s when I make sure I’m snapping away more than ever!

I didn’t explain the whole story of the photograph when I entered it in the PixBoomBa contest, so Cary and Bob made up their own!

Here is the link to their PixBoomBlog with the entry about my win, but I will copy it here, as well, because it is too amusing not to:

“What’s the story in this picture by Julie Sterling Williams?

Make one up.  She has her eyes on him and is smiling warmly and freely. He has his eyes closed and is smiling…or is he? Let’s see. Perhaps she told him a joke but he doesn’t like puns. Or he asked her to marry him and she said “yes” on condition that he sells his Porsche. Or she said “yes” but only if her mother could live with them. Maybe they are celebrating on the roof garden of their new home. He has just made the down payment but she quit her job!

OK. It doesn’t matter what the story is, you just know this picture has one. Story is one the most compelling elements that can bring a picture to life. Another is emotion. One way or another, you get a feeling of joy from this picture. Two good reasons to make it our choice for our Winner. Congratulations Julie!

Of course, the photograph no doubt has its true story. Julie didn’t tell us what it is in her caption but she hinted in the title. It’s called “Engaged.” “

Thanks so much to the ever-fabulous Lynn and Mike, and to everyone at PixBoomBa for liking this photo as much as I do! You made my March!



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4 responses to “And the winner (of the PixBoomBa ‘Isn’t it Romantic?’ Photo Contest) is …

  1. Rachael

    Congratulations, Jule!!! That’s awesome.

  2. Your NJ Other mother

    wish you could come to GPC and document your other mothers!!!!! Love your work proud of you. I keep the photo of Maggie on my desk ,everyone asks who took it
    Love YOM

  3. Meche Politi

    CONGRATS JULIE!!!!!!!!! Amazing picture!!!!

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