Mock-Wedding: The Rest!

More mock-wedding! We’ve already seen the brides, but now we have the details and the couple shots and the ceremony itself, all equally as important to capture on a wedding day.

I especially love pulling details out of a scene. There’s so much going on at a wedding, and so much thought has been put into every aspect of it, so it’s special to be able to go around and truly document the little things that make it all work.

Our cake was made of styrofoam, but high-quality styrofoam it was! It almost looks real, yes? Almost …

I also enjoyed picking out details at the church. Venues have amazing little things everywhere you look!

I consciously documented the little things throughout the day, but you can’t forget the big things, either! Such as, the couple! And the fact that they’re getting married! (Or, fake married, as in our case!)

More and more couples are seeing each other before their ceremony, which is so excellent in terms of photographic possibilities. I think it’s ideal to have about an hour with your couple to get the chance to capture them together on their wedding day. It’s so fun to explore the environment and spaces at their venue and search out the best places to take memorable portraits.

And then there’s the ceremony itself:

We didn’t get the chance to practice a reception, so that’s a wrap on our mock-wedding! I definitely learned a ton and am getting very excited about being a wedding photographer … we shall see!



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