Mock-Wedding: The Brides

Finally, finally! Last week was wedding week #1 at photo school, which is my main area of photographic interest, and it couldn’t have been more timely, because yesterday I shot my first real wedding with Tara of Tara Lynn Sen Photography. It was awesome! I learned so much and had so much fun, but more on that later …

For now, let’s focus on the school’s mock-wedding. There was a couple, there was a church, there was a (styrofoam) cake, there were bouquets … it was quite a production! I have so many images to share, from wedding day details to action shots down the aisle, but first I have to focus on what’s really important: the brides.

We had two brides on our mock-wedding day: Ellen and Ashley. They were both stunning, but could not have been more different! It made for great practice with bridal portraits.

First up is Ashley. With her ethereal look, we took her portraits in a whimsical direction, making good use of window light in a stairwell in St. Jude’s Church in Waltham, MA:

I love how she literally glows in the window light. Such a gorgeous bride! It was fun to create drama with the architectural elements of St. Jude’s Church; it was just a normal stairwell, but the lighting was naturally amazing and turned it into the perfect set for artistic bridal portraits.

Next up is Ellen! She has an entirely different look, as you can see, but is also a stunner:

For Ellen’s shoot, I again took advantage of excellent window light, this time in a stairwell at school. I also tried out some back-lighting for a dreamy look:

I focused on a lot of Ellen’s details because I loved how her shoes and bouquet contrasted with the graphic lines of the staircase (and she switched shoes halfway through!):

I also grabbed a shot of Ellen in St. Jude’s, adjusting her shoe strap. She’s just so pretty!

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of these beautiful (fake) brides, working with the scenery at our disposal, experimenting with the toning of images in post-production, and getting to be generally creative all around. This bodes well for my future as a wedding photographer!

It was a fabulous mock-wedding day, and I have so much more to show you, but it shall have to wait! Coming soon, wedding day details, couples shots, and the ceremony! Can you even wait?



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6 responses to “Mock-Wedding: The Brides

  1. Tyler

    I can’t wait!

  2. Julie, you have such an amazing eye! I love these and I love working with you- you got this!!

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  5. marcy b.

    Awesome Ellen ! but where the stockings ? It don’t look that pretty without stockings ??

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