Nicole and Franco

After shooting all these models, it’s hard to go back to regular folk … unless they’re as awesome as Nicole and Franco!

You may recognize my classmate, Nicole, as she’s been in plenty of previous posts, like here, and here (we shoot each other a lot at school!). Nicole is a fabulous model, and has done it professionally, so you can expect to see more of her again soon. Nicole’s boyfriend, Franco, was visiting us one day and we decided to get in a little romantic photo shoot for the two of them before day’s end. Franco is a musician, as you can see below, and was a very good model, too.

I’d only shot couples on location before this, and it was a great experience to use the studio setting. I love the gray background for their clothes and coloring!

We let Franco get some energy out with the guitar, too, because, why not?

But it always came back to the two of them …

Altogether, it was a quick shoot with such lovely results! Even though I think Franco felt like this …

… he held it together!

Thanks, my friends, for letting me document you in all your cute lovey-ness — and to Franco for the wonderful serenades on set — it was a pleasure!



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2 responses to “Nicole and Franco

  1. All good, much enjoyment in the photos, the last two are splendid!

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