Models in Motion

The third and final assignment during our week of models was … motion!

Our directive: get the models moving and make photographs. When you think about it, almost all of the advertising you see has a person in motion; only catalogs have models in front of gray seamless paper, staring out at you, with no action involved whatsoever (I’m thinking of you, latest J.Crew catalog).

My first model of the day was Dominique, and this was her very first modeling assignment, ever. Ever! I felt kind of badly, making her jump and leap and run, all in very high heels, but she did fabulously and looked beautiful doing it. She was a natural! I was also quite pleased to see my safari romper in action; try as I might, I cannot find an occasion to wear it myself …

Next I had Daniel, who was also very young and new to modeling, also very talented. I had him recreate a pose I’d seen done by Richard Avedon (who is an inspiration when it comes to models in action, and everything else photographic, too, by the way) of a man in a suit jumping. Daniel did a great job channeling it:

And finally, I had Jake, the nicest boy out of Montana there ever was. He was so so sweet, and very tired from being made to jump and leapfrog his butt off for the rest of the class all day. So I gave him a break, and our motion was a simple, classic, run-your-hand-through-your-hair kind of thing:

And that, my friends, was Working With Models.



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3 responses to “Models in Motion

  1. Rachael

    I want the safari romper!!

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