Model Mayhem!

And no, we didn’t get our models from the actual Model Mayhem, but I couldn’t resist the alliteration …

No, when working with models in class, the school utilizes its relationship with Maggie’s Models in Boston to supply us with wonderful people to photograph.

The week working with models was so intense: we not only had to complete three types of shots (beauty shots, which are close-ups, full body shots, and action shots), but we also had to fully conceptualize and style our shoots, then spend the next week learning fashion retouching techniques in Photoshop and printing our best images for the models’ portfolios. Whew! It was a lot, but so so so much fun.

Without further ado, here are my beauty shots and fully body shots of my first two rounds of models!

Kate was a pro, and very receptive to my ideas with the hat and sweater:

Dan was a brand new model, but also very receptive to my styling with the vintage suede vest:

Mike and Lenny were both fairly new models, too. I used their own clothes for these shots because, frankly, I had brought tons of outfits for women and we had mainly men! But luckily, they both had great options to wear:

And finally, Ari. I convinced her to stay late with me for a quick five-minute shoot because I really really really wanted to shoot another girl! I put her in one of my favorite dresses, and the peacock inspiration of my new Julie Sterling Photography logo (designed by my sister, Rae Sterling!). Ari actually has the same dress in her own personal closet, too, so it fit perfectly!

It was great to experience working with models; I liked it a lot. I love clothes (obviously), so the styling part was amazing for me. Directing the models took some getting used to, and it felt silly at times calling out “chin down, look a little more into the left, smaller smile, throw that arm back …” and more, but they were such wonderful people to get to know and create photographs with! My sisters and I used to do our own photo shoots in the backyard, so this was taking it to a whole new level … I have so many more ideas if they’re up for it again sometime soon! Well, sisters? Yes?

Stay tuned for my models in motion day, coming soon …



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5 responses to “Model Mayhem!

  1. Rachael

    You know I’m always in for a photo shoot ; )

  2. Very good! Ari is spectacular and the two male body shots are very good too.

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  4. its age! She was yonger here, but with age she is losing the velocity on her shots. If she could play like this again she would easliy beat Cltseisrj.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Mary!I am not a beet lover either. However, I have discovered roasting them in the oven with just olive oil, salt and pepper gives them a softer, much less intense flavor. Roasting is such a wonderful thing.These are beautiful. Love the color.Have a fun weekend with the boys!

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