Twins and Polka Dots

I recently got the opportunity to spend time with adorable four-month old twins, and who could say no to that? C. and F. were born in October almost three months premature. It’s been a long, hard road for them, but they’re doing extremely well now, and were finally ready for their close-ups.

They are the most darling babies, as  you can see:

The girls were so good the entire hour I was there; they smiled, they laughed, they goo-ed, they gaa-ed. It was so wonderful to see! We got out the trusty basket for some shots with great results:

With both babies in the basket together (put in sideways, feet hanging over the edge), the girls started to hold hands! It was so adorable. There is something so special about the closeness of twins.

And the little feet – don’t even get me started:

Cute as they are, twins are a lot of work! You only have to see C. and F.’s mother, arms full of baby, to realize that:

One of my favorite things in the girls’ room was their polka-dotted rug. Such a great graphic element! It served as a perfect background for some of our shots.

Thanks C. and F. for being your adorable selves and letting me go nuts over you for a day. It was truly a pleasure!



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4 responses to “Twins and Polka Dots

  1. Really nice job Julie … kids are hard and with two it’s double the trouble.


  2. They’re beautiful, all of them! And the twins too! The parents are very lucky to have you photograph them, these are filled with adventure and personality and love.

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