Practically Green

A few years ago, I took a class through the Harvard Extension School called “Writing the Novel.” I have not yet written my novel (though I have a few chapters, red with marginalia, and an outline in my bottom desk drawer, waiting for me), but one of my classmates has finished hers! Sarah Robinson and I formed a friendship in that class, and I helped edit her novel after it was over, which was such a pleasure.

These days, Sarah is on to a new, exciting, venture: Practically Green.

By now everyone knows that “being green” is important, but lots of people don’t know how to change their lives to become environmentally sensitive. Practically Green is a free online service that can act as your guide!

As the Director of Social Programming, Sarah was in need of head shots. I was so happy to reconnect with her, take her photograph, and learn about her new company.

We met at her apartment overlooking Boston Harbor and utilized the fabulous window light streaming into the living room. These photos were taken with natural light and a silver reflector, nothing more!

Naturally, I had to sign up at Practically Green and see how I’m doing in the environmental responsibility department. There was a fun and quick (5 minutes quick!) quiz to find out how green you are, and I scored a healthy 6 out of 10, “solidly green!” Some of my green actions are due to my living in a city in a newly remodeled condo (no car, small living space, Energy Star appliances, low-flush toilets…) and some are due to my California upbringing (recycling pretty much everything, not buying bottled water…), but most are due to my husband’s influence. He’s the reason we live at 65° (and 58° at night!) in the winter, have no air conditioning, compost our kitchen waste, and have CFLs in all our light fixtures. He’s a pretty considerate and thoughtful, guy, all in all, and I’m glad to have such a partner!

I would urge you all to sign up for Practically Green, take the quiz, and find out what small adjustments you could make in your own lives to improve your green score. I certainly have room for improvement, though I did get bronze medals in Stuff, Water, and Health, and a silver in Energy! What did you get?

Thanks so much to Sarah for bringing this site to my attention, and for committing herself to such a great cause!



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2 responses to “Practically Green

  1. Kate Arnold

    Hi Julie,

    I’ve checked in on your blog periodically and your photos are simply beautiful (particularly love your black and whites). Obviously, I was a fan of your Harvard work, but being your fan as an artist is so much more fun.

    Finn says hello!
    Cheer from Chi-town,
    Kate and Finn

    • Thanks, Kate! I visited Harvard two weeks ago for the first time since I left – wow, things have changed, yet stayed the same … it’s so weird! I hope all is well with you and your family in Chicago! Finn is getting so big!


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