Tyler in the Studio

As promised weeks and weeks ago, I now present to you, Tyler in the studio!

I’ve been working so hard on so many things, so it is a pleasure to revisit my favorite model ever, my husband.

You’ll remember Tyler’s cat-eye look from the linked post above, but here’s another take from that set:

I am truly lucky that my husband is the type of guy who will agree to come to school with me, pose for me and my classmates in a somewhat public setting, and try some slightly hilarious poses along the way, too. I don’t think many husbands would go for that, but mine does! He is so supportive of my career change and pursuit of photography; I couldn’t ask for more from him.

Doesn’t this one remind you of an old Gap campaign?

Besides being, if not an eager model, a willing one, it helps that Tyler’s super cute, yeah?

And now I’m sure I’ve embarrassed him enough, so I will restrain myself and end here. Thank you, Tyler, for letting me practice on you!

Exciting posts coming up, dear readers, will include: four-month old twins, fashion photography with real, live models, and more! Never a dull moment at photo school …



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4 responses to “Tyler in the Studio

  1. CPW

    Hahaha…Tyler’s a better model than I am.

    Picture #1: Cat
    Picture #2: Headlining at a comedy club
    Picture #3: Sure, GAP
    Picture #4: Magic Show
    Picture #5: Chess Club Advertisement

    See you guys tonight!

  2. Tyler

    #5 is obviously that I will crush you in rugby!

  3. Lynn Chi

    Tyler is the best!!! Great job Julie 🙂

  4. Ok. Good lord. You’re a good looking couple, and this is a good looking man and the second photo would get him an instant call back for a film.

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