Self Portrait in my Closet

As I mentioned yesterday, I ended the second week of location portraiture with an attempt at a self-portrait. My chosen location? My closet.

Clothes for me are a major outlet for self-expression. I choose to dress how I feel, imaginatively, for fun. What better place than my closet amidst my clothing to tell the viewer something about me?

So I put on a ’50s vintage prom dress, styled myself up, locked the cats out of the bedroom (because the closet is a no-cat zone and opening the door with a cat in the room means the cat goes in the closet for sure), and went in.

Focusing was a bit of a challenge, as was wedging a reflector into the very narrow space with me, but I managed both okay and shot away.

Here is my self-portrait and the final image for location portraiture:

Damn, I love my clothing collection.



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4 responses to “Self Portrait in my Closet

  1. Oh! You’re gorgeous! Great photo too, lots of personality.

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