Location Portraiture #2

Location portraiture continued last week and wrapped up our four consecutive weeks of portraiture of one type or another. I think I’m pretty comfortable making pictures of the human face these days, which is quite nice and comforting! Four weeks, four days a week of nothing but portraiture really makes you learn, and learn I have.

We spent Location Portraiture II exploring different spaces, large and small, and inserting people into them in interesting, expressive ways. We want our photographs to tell a story about the people in them, not just represent the people’s physical selves. That was last week’s goal.

Now, since we still mostly use our classmates as models and our lives are just not that incredibly exciting, we felt more than fine creating personalities for each other and photographing those fictions.

For instance, I put Nicole in this cramped space beneath a roving computer cart:

What does this picture say about her (or her created character in this frame?)? She’s stylish, she’s surprised, she’s comfortable in small spaces and around cords. Or maybe she’s scared and hiding. What story do you take away from it?

The next day our class traveled to the State House in downtown Boston to shoot on location there. I don’t know how we got permission, but we were able to bring in all manner of lights and stands and photograph in all public areas. The State House is beautiful and our experience with architectural photography definitely came into play, though I broke many architectural photo rules with this one, also of Nicole, but a very different Nicole indeed:

Our assignment at the State House was to make a photograph of what it meant to be part of the state of Massachusetts, to be a citizen of the United States. What does my photograph say? Life is a bit like an Escher painting, the State is big and Nicole is small, but she’s got attitude. We all matter. Again, what do YOU think it says?

This is the fun part of looking at photographs: individual interpretation and reaction. So, please, react away!

On Wednesday of last week we were set loose to photograph on our own, wherever we liked. I had some ideas about friends to use as models and locations to frequent, but I had to fall back on an old favorite, my dear Tyler, and got him to pose for me in the MIT Chapel. A post focusing on the beauty of the chapel will follow, because it is such an incredible space, but for now, here’s my favorite shot of Tyler from the day:

That’s Tyler, alright.

At the last moment late Wednesday night, I decided I didn’t have enough images from the week that I truly loved and made an attempt at a self-portrait. That I will share tomorrow!

In the meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day all! XOXO.



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6 responses to “Location Portraiture #2

  1. Rachael

    That’s Tyler… all-right! Get it?? Love the photos : )

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