Location Portraiture #1

After two weeks of in-studio portraiture, we moved out into the real world to further hone our portraiture skills.

My main takeaway from this module? Natural light portraits on-location are just that, natural, and fairly easy. Adding in lights on-location? Not as easy.

But, I worked really hard and managed to persevere and make photographs I’m fairly proud of, so it was a winning week after all!

We started the week photographing a pianist, Shinichi, doing what he does best:

It was a bit of a rushed shoot, with one subject for the 10+ members of our class, but it was an excellent exercise in lighting. We used the school’s audio studio (for the audio production program’s students) as our location and rolled in the grand piano; we set up multiple lights to highlight Shinichi and his craft while he serenaded us with amazing pieces, all from memory. We decided that a blue highlight in the background would bring more color into this mostly black, white, brown and red shot. A hastily bought red carnation for his lapel brought the colors together even better.

My instructor really liked the angle and crop I chose on this piece. He told me it would make an excellent CD cover, so I’m working on collaborating with a graphic design friend to drop some text in there and give it to Shinichi as an option for a future album. So much fun!

Can you spot the Photoshop-induced anomaly in the photo? First person to find it and identify it in the comments gets a prize! (Not really, well, maybe! We’ll see …)

We were let loose after that morning session to make our own location portraits in locations of our choosing. Hillary, Mariana and I went to Hill’s house to practice in a domestic setting:

We also used the time at Hillary’s house to practice and plan lighting and poses for a boudoir shoot we had scheduled and completed last weekend. Those photos will be coming soon, and the shoot was very successful! It was quite a departure from our usual portraits, but so so so much fun.

Later in the week on a snow day, we braved the weather and ventured to our classmate Donna’s house to use her newly acquired light kit and take more photos. Here Donna is, channeling Martha Stewart:

Donna’s house has beautiful architectural elements, so I tried to utilize them as much as possible, like this one with Mariana in the foyer:

We finished up the week with a field trip to a local bar, The Skellig, and shot in its dark back room. Hillary and Nicole humored me and fought over the last dregs of their Guinness (their pretend Guinness, as it was about 10AM ):

All in all it was a challenging week! I am continuing to learn a lot about lighting and getting pretty strong arm muscles from dragging my gear all around town. Win-win AGAIN!



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2 responses to “Location Portraiture #1

  1. Lauren

    You took out the carnation on his lapel??? I see it in the reflection!

    I love the bed shot – could be an ad for a down comforter.

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