Jellybeans and Lightbulbs

I was recently in touch with the graphic designers I worked with last fall and got their final files! You may remember that the photography class teamed up with the graphic design class to collaborate on the cookbook project; we also did a poster project, which is what I’m sharing in this post. The designers’ assignment: create a triptych advertising an event. The sky was the limit beyond that!

Mike Seeholzer came to my team with an idea for a poster promoting a candy-lovers event. He had colorful candy with him, and lots of it! We had so much fun executing his vision of jellybeans pouring into a jar like manna from heaven, even if we did make a huge mess in the studio and spent some time picking up the escaped beans …

I really wish the Sweet Snacks Expo was being held in Boston this year instead of Chicago; I would truly consider attending if it was! I love me some candy.

My second poster project designer was Alex Sylvia, and she had a campaign for Earth Day and clean energy in mind. Alex had planned her design incredibly carefully and knew exactly what she needed from us as photographers. Her forethought and attention to detail made it so easy to work with her! We simply produced her vision, which was different types of clean energy sources encapsulated in lightbulbs:

It is so fulfilling to see components we shot in the studio put together in such impressive, well-designed final products! I see myself focusing on more people-oriented types of photography professionally, but there is a lot to be said for still life and teaming up with a graphic designer. The collaborative effort enhanced our photographs AND their designs, a win-win for everyone involved.

I love it when school gives us these amazing opportunities to work together. Thanks, school!


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