More In-Studio Portraits of my Beautiful Classmates

The title says it all: I have more to share from our weeks of in-studio portraiture!

Some of my classmates are getting sick of photographing each other all the time, but not me! Never getting bored is one of my special talents (I’m serious) and I could especially never get bored with portraiture; there is always something new to see and do with a face.

I loved Nicole’s hat, a necessity in this never-ending, snowy winter we’re having in Boston, and I really wanted to emphasize its shape. A horizontal portrait was the way to go:

It helps that she has such beautiful eyes!

Nicole also worked on her tough-girl model look on a high-key set (a completely white, blown-out background):

Mariana also got on the high-key set for me, with an apple box seat as a prop:

I always need the apple boxes during shoots because I’m shorter than my subjects half the time; they make excellent step-stools!

Mariana also modeled for me on a more dramatic shot lit only with very focused lights. I love the contours of her face and the silliness of this one!

We had such a great time playing around in the studio. Here, Hillary picked up a fur-trimmed jacket (we didn’t even know whose it was) and just went for it. I adore this shot – she’s just so cute! The glow from the Mola light we were using makes it seem like she’s just taken a break from afternoon skiing or something (like I would know … I don’t do cold outdoors things, thank you very much):

It has been so great to really learn how to use light in the studio for portraiture; I think we all used to be a bit intimidated by the studio, but it is true that you have total control there, which is so amazing. You can literally do anything, if you just work on figuring it out. It gives you such creative freedom and is so satisfying.

Even as we explored more diverse lighting concepts, we always had one set with the classic portrait lighting schema ready to go. It really is a lovely light, as you can see with David here:

Tyler was in the studio, as you’ll remember, and he did not escape with just the one picture I already posted. Oh no, he was on each and every set for me … I’ll showcase an all-Tyler post soon!



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3 responses to “More In-Studio Portraits of my Beautiful Classmates

  1. Mom

    They are all keepers! I especially think David’s is outstanding. What a great expression.

  2. Ralph

    Hi Julie,

    I love how you are so committed to exploring the plethora of techniques in creating incredible pictures. I guess it’s part of the never-getting-bored thing. Always inquisitive about what else might happen.

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