The Cookbook Project

Way back in December I mentioned that we’d collaborated with our Graphic Design student counterparts to furnish their creative designs with photographs. One of the projects we worked with them on was the Cookbook Project: they had to design a cookbook spread for a recipe; we took the food photos for them.

My designer, Samuel Greene, brought in lentil soup for my group to shoot. He had a great layout ready for us and knew exactly what he needed for it from us, which made the entire experience so easy and fun. We had two shots to complete: the bowl of lentil soup and a wooden spoon with soup dripping off it.

Now, that sounds pretty simple, right? But lentil soup is made up of a lot of liquid compared to lentils, potatoes, and carrots, which all seemed to sink to the bottom of the bowl, and who wants a photo of brown liquid in a bowl? We had to get those delicious food morsels above the surface of the soup! Now, a food stylist would probably have tried and true professional ways of making that happen, but we made do with what we had and could do quickly: scrunched up toilet paper in the bottom of the bowl worked for us!

For the spoon shot, we silhouetted it against white so Sam could strip it out of the photo easily in Photoshop and drop it into his design. Then we just had to work on creating the perfect drip! Dribbling soup down a spoon and pressing the shutter at exactly the right moment to capture a fat, appetizing droplet is a lot more fun than it might sound. We were whooping and hollering like children on a playground!

Shooting food was great and I would love to do more of it in the future.

Here is Sam’s finished spread for his lentil soup recipe with our photos:

I love how he stole a sole lentil from the soup to use in place of bullet points for the ingredients list – so creative!

More portraits to come this week, but I wanted to share this project first. We worked with two additional graphic designers, as well, so I’ll have to work on getting my hands on their finished products, too!


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