Window Light

I just finished another week of portraiture in the studio (and it was fabulous!), but it’s important to remember, even as we work with all these high-powered lights and fancy equipment, that sometimes all you need is something as simple as window light.

Soft, flattering, diffused window light.

These three portraits of my friend and classmate, Nicole, were all taken with her standing next to a large window, one reflector on her other side to push more light onto her face. Simple.

More to come on studio portraiture – this week was so amazing! It felt like we were finally actually PHOTOGRAPHERS, consistently turning out great stuff, using our lighting skills, executing what we’ve learned. I cannot wait to share.

But first, remember when I took photos of THE Boston blizzard of January 2011? Well it wasn’t THE blizzard. We’ve since had more than a foot and a half of additional snow and more is on its way, supposedly, so that’s the last time I bestow the attribute of THE onto anything.

With all the weather we’ve been having, I’m quite happy to have been inside the studio, our closest moves towards the out-of-doors being window lighting. We’ll leave it at that.



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2 responses to “Window Light

  1. Lauren

    Julie, I love all these portraits! You are awesome.

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