The Boston Blizzard of January 2011

Boston had an epic blizzard earlier this week when two storms, from the west and the south, met up right above us and precipitated for almost twenty-four hours straight (and gave us that many inches of snow, too). Maybe I’m jumping the gun calling it THE blizzard of January, but I honestly don’t think it’s going to snow that much again this month, maybe not even for the rest of the season!

When a storm of that magnitude comes along, Boston goes into snow emergency mode, and schools get closed, including mine! Wednesday was a spectacular snow day. While Tyler spent a total of five and a half hours shoveling, I photographed him and our winter wonderland, read, made some stationery, and watched TV shows. A fine day, indeed!

Now, for all my East Coaster and Midwestern friends out there, I know you’re all like, “Snow? Who cares? I was born in the snow!” But for us Cali peeps, snow is a big deal! We’ve never had a day of school canceled due to weather, and even after living on the eastern seaboard for eight years now, snow is still very exciting for me. I don’t quite love it when it’s dirty and crusty on the side of the road three days later, but when it’s actually falling, it is magical.

So, I put my camera in a gallon-size plastic bag, cut a hole for the lens to peek through at one end, put on my snow pants, and ventured outside to get my snow shots.

Fifteen minutes later, I was back inside, hands aching with cold (even though I always wear gloves!), the back of the camera all wet (but unharmed), with renewed admiration for my husband’s extreme cold-hardiness, and some interesting snow photos.

Snow is a great opportunity for HDR because of its extreme brightness, which might otherwise get blown out. Since I was not taking my tripod out in the snow, and you need to have the same photograph at different exposure levels in order to do HDR, I instead used the auto-exposure bracketing feature on my camera. This let me take three shots of the same frame simultaneously, one exposed correctly, and the others with different exposures on either side of it. It really helped enable my HDR plans with minimal hassle. The capabilities of these dSLRs impress me more every day!

School resumed on Thursday, but the snow remains, piled ten feet high on the sides of the roads. Icicles continue to come crashing down from roof eaves, street signage, and telephone wires; one pierced a window screen of ours and ripped a huge hole in it!

It’s a dangerous, if beautiful, snowy world out there, so be careful everyone, and enjoy!



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6 responses to “The Boston Blizzard of January 2011

  1. these are all stunning and evocative. I was going to say something about the stairs, which I especially like, but they are all rich, saturated, shimmering. Even the man with the shovel. Glorious, thanks.

  2. Mom

    Brrrrrrr! No, thank you!
    (Tyler, put on a coat – I’m cold!!!)

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  4. Thank you! You’re up on page on on the poetry tab at the moment. It made all the difference!

  5. adhna

    Great photos! The weather is not so! Keep up the good work, from one Bostonian to another. – Hedy (Waltham, MA)

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