The Circle Game

Sometimes school requires very long weeks spent at the computer, rather than in front of the camera. We call the computer lab “The Cave” because it is one: dark, quiet, alternately cold and hot. We enter at 8 in the morning when the sun has barely risen and leave at 4:30 when it has already disappeared. Yes, computer weeks can be tough.

However, the instructors do try to break up the crepuscular eternity of a computer week by giving us short, random photo assignments, just to get us out into the daylight for a few minutes.

A few weeks ago the assignment was: go outside and shoot CIRCLES for fifteen minutes.

And so I did.

It’s amazing what you notice when you direct your attention to one, specific thing. Circles are everywhere.

They’re there for our safety:

They’re there to direct us:

They’re there to light our way:

They’re there to help guide us:

They’re there because other things have fallen into disrepair:

And they’re there to do a LOT with our water supply:

I’m learning more and more that there is always something to see, if only you take the time to look. Thanks, school, for not letting me forget it!


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