The Third and Final Max (For Now)

Well loyal readers, you all know by now that I’ve photographed three toddler Maxes this fall. We’ve had Max G. and Max W. (plus brother Colby) featured already, and now I present to you my third and final (for now) Max, Max L.!

This session required me to venture down to Hull, Massachusetts, a small town on a peninsula sticking out into the Massachusetts Bay. On a sunny November morning I took the commuter rail south and found an absolutely beautiful New England beach scene in Hull. I am so glad for these photo jobs that take me outside of my little Boston bubble; I would never have known that a gorgeous place like Hull even existed!

Naturally, we shot a lot on said beach. With such a fabulous background, why wouldn’t we?

Plus, kids love the beach. I certainly did, and still do, though my SoCal beaches were quite a bit different from these short, rocky New England beaches. Still, a beach is a beach and I love to be on/near them in any form. So does Max!

Max warmed up to me slowly, choosing to focus on his toys and his parents rather than me and my camera at first (and who can blame him? I probably look like a scary fuzz of curly hair behind a gigantic black camera eye to a two-year-old!). But he came around and we had a fun time gallivanting around the on the sand together. He is quite energetic!

After all this experience with kids named Max, I’ve come to the anecdotal conclusion that there is no cuter creature than a one- to three-year-old Maxwell! Maybe it’s the age range from one to three in general, but I think “Max” has something to do with it, too 🙂

After our coastal romp, we returned to Max’s house for some snacks and some serious playtime. Max is a very good engineer, as you can tell:

And so ends my fall 2010 journey with Maxes! I only hope all the kids I have yet to photograph are as cute and fun to work with as these three.


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