Max & Colby

I’ve mentioned before that I recently photographed three different kids named Max; they were all so much fun, but this Max’s shoot was enhanced by the presence of his little brother, Colby! Max is about two and a half and Colby is a charming ten weeks and they both have incredible personalities. My job was so easy – who could help but capture the cuteness?

It was a chilly November Sunday, but the kids didn’t seem to mind! Max got very into bringing me the last tenacious dandelion heads from the backyard lawn while Colby chilled on the bench, smiling away.

I’ve found that all you need to make photos with kids is an environment the child is comfortable in; there’s no need for expensive locations or complicated props. The backyard play-set is perfect!

A wood shed and a sand box are also amazing backdrops. All I had to do was follow Max around the yard and sometimes ask him to look at me – it was a pleasure!

I absolutely loved working with this little family; Max and Colby’s parents are so sweet, calm, and funny, and the kids obviously benefit from their good parenting. Even though Colby looks a little serious in the photo below, I think it could be holiday card material!

Max spent the last twenty minutes of the shoot making a twig talk to a leaf and a pine cone. What an imagination!

Thanks, Max and Colby, for letting me spend the afternoon with you!



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4 responses to “Max & Colby

  1. Julie, these are stunning. I want to have a baby and name it Max just so you can photograph it. (Also, I’ve decided that Max can be gender-neutral.)

  2. Thanks, Tori! I think a little girl Max would be just as cute 🙂

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