St. Mary’s Church, Waltham, MA

Usually I am very organized and attentive, but when I planned to enter the St. Mary’s Church photo contest, I somehow failed to realize that the photo entries needed to be printed. When I reread the submission instructions the day before the contest ended, it was too late to print my photos.

So now I have some lovely shots of St. Mary’s, even though they were not entered in the contest. I still enjoyed my brief morning exploring the church and thinking about how best to represent it in images.

I love churches. It doesn’t matter that I’m Jewish; the beautiful architecture and the quiet appeal to me regardless of religious affiliation. I felt the same way in Buddhist temples in Thailand on my honeymoon. Places of worship are places set apart from the daily hustle and bustle. What/who is being worshiped doesn’t seem too important.

I take the train in to school everyday and arrive at 8 AM for 8:30 class, so I took advantage of my extra half hour and ran up to St. Mary’s. The morning light was amazing at the church. It was cold and clear and so bright!

There were some interesting altars on both sides of the main one. I loved the colors most of all.

One was dedicated to Mary herself, of course!

We often think that only European countries have amazing religious institutions, art, and architecture, but this small church in suburban Boston has a lot of that to offer. Thanks for the reminder that beauty CAN be found in our own backyard, St. Mary’s!



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3 responses to “St. Mary’s Church, Waltham, MA

  1. Your NJ Other mother

    I am loving all your the head shot of Mom. Great work
    Love Lori

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  3. Bro. Patrick Foley, O. P.

    The photos are quite beautiful. I really like them. I once belonged to the parish, but am now in the Dominican Order stationed in New Haven Connecticut. Keep up the good work

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