While in California …

Happy post-Thanksgiving!

I’m back in Boston and missing my California interlude already. It was a great eight days! Thanksgiving day itself was actually Chanksgiving for my family, a hybrid Chanukah-Thanksgiving (the family didn’t want me and my sister to feel left out, as we’re missing Chanukah at home this year). We started the festivities at one o’clock with latkes and a menorah and ended with the traditional ThanksG spread, including such wonders as green pepper jelly (courtesy of my talented canner mother-in-law), roasted squash, Whipo (mashed potatoes to the rest of you who don’t have a cousin who hated mashed potatoes as a child, but seemed to love them when they were called Whipo), sweet potatoes, kasha varnishkes (look it up), cranberry sauce, veggie stuffing, roasted vegetables (including my fave, beets!), and a whole spread of pies. Oh, and turkey, but I don’t eat that.

While not celebrating Chanksgiving or taking model shots of my sister Rachael, I spent my time in California dong such things as:

1. Visit Disneyland and California Adventure with my sisters (oh, the memories! oh, the magic!)

2. Take head shots of my mother, whose work as the Executive Director of the Santa Monica Malibu Education Foundation, which supports the local public school district, makes her in demand with many  news outlets and in need of head shots

3. Set up a photo shoot of me and my husband, for holiday purposes

I dyed my hair a bit red with wash-out dye, and it’s already almost gone, though it was supposed to last for at least twenty-eight washes. At least it looks a bit red in the above!

Now I’m back at school and back at it, busy busy busy. I hope your holiday was as good as mine!


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