Rachael the Model @ the Santa Barbara Mission

Happy pre-Thanksgiving, everybody!

I am home in sunny California for the holiday, and though it is a chilly one (for L.A., that is), it is beautiful and good to be home. Vacation time does not mean a break from photography, however, and I wouldn’t want it to be! Instead I am assigning myself projects, just like back in the good old days before photography school.

My first assignment was undertaken on the drive back from visiting my grandparents in Santa Barbara. We stopped at the Santa Barbara Mission so that my gorgeous sister, Rachael, could get some shots done to promote her musical career.

Let us know if you see an album cover somewhere in here!

I haven’t been to a Mission since early high school when a friend and I did a whirlwind tour, hitting Santa Barbara, San Juan Capistrano, San Luis Obispo, and more, I’m sure, in just a few days. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a statue of Padre Junípero Serra, but he looked just the same! Rachael is a lot prettier than he is, as you can see:

We only had about thirty minutes to spend at the Mission, so we didn’t pay to go inside. There’s a lovely courtyard, but that’ll have to wait until next time. We still got amazing shots around the perimeter and grounds. It’s such a beautiful place! I especially love the pinks and greens. So California.

After running around, frantically dodging tourists and snapping photos, we retreated to our car and scurried back home. But not before we got one sister shot; the photo credit on this one belongs to Dad:

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re having as much fun with your family as I am!



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3 responses to “Rachael the Model @ the Santa Barbara Mission

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  2. Lynn

    I like photos 3-6. Love the sister shot! Good luck Rachael!

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