Max’s One-Year Photos

I have had the great fortune to photograph three young lads named Max over the last few weeks. All of my amazing Maxes were between one and three years old and all were undeniably cute little kids. It was definitely my pleasure to hang out and photograph them, and what a coincidence, yeah? Three Maxes! Crazy.

My first Max was Max G. and I got connected to him and all his cuteness through my friend Lynn, who works with Max’s mom. Lynn came along as my assistant props manager, and what a props manager she was!

Max is a very happy and mellow kid; he made the photo shoot easy! We started at his house with an afternoon bottle:

Those big blue eyes are absolutely incredible! What a cutie.

Post-bottle, Max was full and happy as ever, so we ventured out to a nearby park for some autumn shots.

Max has just recently learned to walk. He was so precious as he teetered and tottered around, waving his arms for balance.

A photo shoot with a child this young involves a lot of yelling his name, making goofy faces, and screeching strange noises in order to get his attention. Max’s mom and Lynn were both wonderful at getting Max to look my way when needed. He supplied the delightful expressions naturally.

The park was an amazing fall spectacle of color. This year’s autumnal displays have been extra-vivid, or maybe I’ve just been paying closer attention this time around …

After the park, we went down to the Charlestown waterfront, another lovely location. Max looked at the boats and played with his birthday balloons while continuing to put up with all of our antics for his attention. I’ve rarely seen such a naturally well-behaved baby!

It became a bit chilly after a while, so we headed back inside for a birthday surprise for Max: cupcakes, baked by Lynn! Every kid loves to smear frosting on himself (who doesn’t?), so we let Max go wild.

More frosting made it onto Max (and the floor) than into his mouth, so a quick bath was in order (and a floor scrub). By then we’d whiled away the better part of the afternoon with this adorable child and it was his nap time. Time to say adieu!

Happy first birthday, Max! I am honored to have been a part of it!



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5 responses to “Max’s One-Year Photos

  1. Heather

    Love this! Thanks again, Julie, for capturing such great moments of Max!

  2. Sally Ferguson

    What a great subject you had in these pictures. You are a lucky photographer, Julie.

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