The DeCordova Sculpture Park

Last week my class journeyed to the DeCordova Sculpture Park in nearby Lincoln. Our assignment was loose: combine everything we’d learned in “Photographic Seeing” class to create interesting photographs.


It was an amazing fall day and the park was bursting with color (which made for some perfect backdrops for our photos). We visited in the morning when it was quite chilly, so I donned the old gloves/earmuffs/scarf combo to deal.

It was such a great experience to be outside, walking around the 35 acre park, discovering things. Of the more than 75 sculptures in residence, I don’t think I saw even half of them, but I loved what I did see! It was quite a different feeling to walk great distances between works of art, to stumble upon them tucked into different parts of the landscape, to have them jump out at you when you turned a corner.

This sense of exploration and discovery is a big part of what I love about photography. It is fun, and a challenge, to find things in the world and change them, turn them into photographs.

The sculpture at the Park is really interesting. Some I didn’t like at all (they just weren’t my style) while others I loved and spent a long time hanging around with. I guess that’s a description of my reaction to art in general; some things just speak to me while I ignore all the rest.

This one was terrifying. Does anyone else see the Scream mask in there?

At the end of the morning I was getting a bit too chilly and almost packed it in early. But then I caught sight of these hearts in the distance and said to myself, “You’re only here today!” and kept going. I’m glad I did, because the hearts and what lay beyond them were fantastic! Two of my favorite pieces of the day.

I think the DeCordova is a truly inspiring place and I would highly recommend visiting it. I would love to go back and capture my favorite pieces in their environments in all four seasons – that would be a great long-term project!

Long live art!


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One response to “The DeCordova Sculpture Park

  1. Wow, that seems to great place to enjoy from art. I like this place very much due to that it is in the nature. That’s great. Most of all I love that Scream mask, it is awesome!

    If You don mind I give two links to special art place. Check and get surprised.

    Happy blogging.

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